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Effects of Caffeine on Hair

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Effects of Caffeine on Hair

How hair grow relies on various factors. This includes your diet, vitamins and mineral intake on a daily basis. Genes and heredity factors not only decide what type of hair you will have. But also how long they will last and how fast or slow them will grow.

Diet, genetics and diseases can have a negative impact on your hair health. Caffeine is a naturally found compound in many plants, this is proven to be beneficial for your hair. It makes hair grow and keeps hair follicles healthy and active.

Growth Hair Growth

Hair health, growth and appearance depends on how healthy your follicles are. And how active your hair growth cycle is. Every individual hair follicle has progenitor cells that build hair shaft tissues. Collectively these tissues support hair growth. In the initial stage of hair growth, the cells create a hair shaft, this continuously grows throughout the elongation phase. After some time of growth (range from months to years), hair remains in the follicle for a while. Static but growing steadily till eventually they fall out. Any defect in the three stages can cause a problem for your hair outlook.

Caffeine and Follicle Cycle

Caffeine molecules directly interact with your hair follicles. Ever get that feeling of rush, energy and excitement after your morning coffee? Well that is the increase of blood flow. While this is an added benefit of getting your vitamins and minerals delivered faster to every part of the body. Caffeine binds directly to the hair follicles and improves the strand’s growth rate. Preventing any abnormal hair loss and encouraging faster hair growth.

How to consume Caffeine

No we are not saying you start chewing on bitter coffee beans. You can get moderate amount of caffeine via your coffee and tea. Another way to get it is to apply it on your hair topically in the form of a caffeine rich shampoo and/or conditioner. The structure of the caffeine molecule allows it to absorb quickly in to the blood and reach where it is needed. Caffeine also prevents DHT from causing damage to your hair follicles.

Caffeine Rich Shampoos

As we mentioned earlier, how caffeine works from the inside to make your hair better. It is equally important that you assist from the outside. By that we mean topically applying it to your hair and skin. Regenepure DR shampoo has coffee bean extracts combined with chemical free ingredients to make the ideal hair growth. With all of the benefits and non of the side effects that you can expect from most commercial shampoos.

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