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Does Shampoo make your Hair grow faster?

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We all have a specifically programmed and organized algorithm executed day by day with no end. This cycle of unstopped daily routine integrated into our systems have obligated, but, has improved our daily lifestyle increasing our efficiency in every field. One small but not least aspect it has taught us is the important of healthy living. A healthy life is a life worth living.
As said by Buddha.

“Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.”

Healthy living is a content living, content living is faithful living. All these aspects are drawn together to make a trinity. A trinity deserved by all.

How do we obtain such living?

EASY! Look after yourself. Cause no one is going to do it for you.

We all know that simple Hygienic activities can work wonders. Well, Hygienic living is a healthy living. We buy products every day in hopes that it will improve not only our lifestyle but it would work charms on our looks as well.

Nowadays, we have shampoo for almost every hair type. Whether it be oily or dry, thick or thin, shiny or dull, long or short, curly, straight or even wavy.
We even have shampoo that is recommended and especially manufactured for certain age-groups even so we have shampoo to treat damaged hair, dandruff, etc.

But, we really do need to ask ourselves. They do make us look and feel great, but is it actually helping? Do they do more good or harm to us? That the squeaky clean feeling after shampooing your hair, is it actually good for you. Or even, why shampoo? Why can’t we just use soap on our hair.

Stay tuned and find out


Our hair secretes a natural oily, greasy substance referred to as “sebum”. Sebum provides our hair with a natural healthy and glossy shine, it waterproofs our hair and skin as well. But, it makes our hair look dirty and tangled. Not only that but it also the sebum from our hair mixes with the dust, pollen and other pollutants in our environment to produce a thick gooey substance which clogs our hair follicles causing our hair to thin down or even take us to a stage of hair fall.

What shampoo does is, it contains a chemical detergent which acts like a surfactant that helps reduce the surface tension between the water and our scalp. This washes away the salty flakes from our hair and gives it a natural looking pounce and a light fluffy feel.

When the surfactant layers on the strands of our hair, we get that squeak each time we rub the hair between our fingers that is not good. It means that we have lost all the Sebum that our hair contained. In a limited amount, some Sebum on our hair is a good thing, this is because sebum gives a natural shine that the hair needs, too much shampooing will strip your hair of its natural shine and there will be no difference between your hair and a rug. Although, too much of it is not good, too much will make your hair look dirty. So the best is to shampoo once every two day, and get the best of both worlds.

Almost everyone comes to a certain point in their live where they think that something is wrong with the way they look, and if you notice that something is wrong. Your brain might actually be sending you signal’s that “truly, something is wrong.” same case with your hair.

So, try and find out exactly “WHAT?” Is wrong with your hair and choose which shampoo would be the best. But, always remember, no matter whose hair it is, hair is always made up of keratin and need the basic essentials that every type of hair needs. If you provide your hair with all its basic need, curly, wavy or straight, it will look its best.


Well, NO It does not. However, using certain shampoos will actually help provide with the perfect condition that will increase the quality of hair growth. So it will not make your hair grow faster, but it will make your hair grow better.



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