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Top 5 Best Hair Care Treatments

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The average amount of hair strands that are lost per day is 100 – 150 in extreme cases. Unfortunately, there is no cure for Alopecia or baldness in general, yet. There are however ways of slowing down hair loss and encourage hair to regrow. Here the top 10 treatments for hair loss.


Top 5 Best Hair Care TreatmentsMinoxidil is a great nonprescription drug that is readily available. It comes in the form of foam or even in liquid and Is to be directly applied to the scalp. There is two type of Minoxidil that is available, one is a 2% Minoxidil formula and the other is a 5% Minoxidil formula. Upon the first use of Minoxidil, one may notice that more hair than usual has begun to fall out, this is because the potentially weaker hair falls out to make room for fresh healthier ones. This is great to regain your hair but unfortunately if you stop using this product the effects reverse.

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Finasteride:Unlike Minoxidil, for Finasteride you need to have a prescription for this. This is another great way to battle alopecia, especially in men. Although this is a great way to regrow your hair, pregnant women should not ingest or even touch broken or crushed tablets because this makes increase risk of birth defects.



Corticosteroids are used to inject into the scalp in hopes of increasing effective hair growth. They also come in the form of an ointment but are not as effective as Corticosteroid injections.



Anthralin is a thick paste that is directly applied to the scalp and left on then later rinsed off.

Hair Transplant:

Hair TransplantHair transplants are present for those people who do not respond well to medicines. A

Scalp Reduction Surgery:

Scalp reduction Surgery:As the name applies in this surgery the amount of scalp. Excessively balding areas of the scalp are surgically removed and then replaced.


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