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Male-Pattern Baldness

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Androgenetic alopecia as the name suggests is a genetic disorder that causes your head to partially shed hair and without any doubt, it is believed that andro-genetic Alopecia is one of the most occurring and commonly found types of Alopecia diagnosed in both men and women. But, it is more likely to be found in males than in comparison to females. In fact, it is so commonly found in men that it is also addressed as “Male-pattern baldness”.

Recent studies approve that 20% of men by the age of 20 and 50% men by the approximate age of 60 suffer from Male-Pattern Baldness, it also states that almost 90% consolations regarding hair loss is of Androgenetic Alopecia aka Male-Pattern Baldness.

And those stats are rapidly growing!

It is caused when the male sex hormone “Testosterone” (that is also found in limited quantity in women) changes into a more potent androgen call Dihydrotestosterone which is the primary factor contributing to male-pattern baldness. But mostly this hair problem has more to do with the genetics rather than how much testosterone your body contains.

The most obvious symptoms of this type of alopecia are the receding hairline that soon resembles the McDonald’s Arches followed by the thinning hair crown. The symptoms of this form of hair-loss are so obvious that the first test to check for signs of the disorder is a visual checkup

Sadly, there is no cure to hair-loss of such types. However, there are other safe inexpensive and proven treatments that can aid your quest in achieving a full head of hair

Those treatments include


A treatment that involves the product to be directly applied to the scalp, which then increases the stimulation of the hair follicles causing a higher chance of hair growth. It is known to slow down the hair loss process, and in some cases have caused hair regrowth. This is only true if the medicine is applied regularly. However, if you stop using the minoxidil the effects reverse to its original state


A tablet that interferes with the production of the Dihydrotestosterone that is directly linked to baldness. It slows down hair loss and sometimes even brings it to a halt. It works minutely more significantly than minoxidil. As the same as minoxidil, hair loss returns to normal when you stop using this medicine.


The chemical and physical outlook of Dutasteride is exactly similar to finasteride but tends to work more effectively than Finasteride.

Although, Alopecia of any sort that does not harm you in any way other than emotionally. Which in some cases may cause an Above average level of Stress that can aid in Hair loss or Anxiety that is never a good thing to have for a successful or healthy lifestyle.


I would “highly recommend” to check up with Doctor or preferably a skin or hair specialist before taking any decision on using any product of such sort without having the adequate knowledge about it.

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