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The Different Types Of Hair

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Different Types Of Hair: Everyone has their own distinct qualities and features, not all of us are the same, we are different in one way or another, and possess some feature that makes us vary from person to person. Just like that we all have different hair types. Some of us have very oily hair and some have very dry hair, some have fairly straight hair and some have curly hair, Some have silky smooth hair but not on all of their head, and some have very dry rough and frizzy hair but they have a full head of it.

So today we talk about the different hair types. After studying all the different types of hair. The different textures, grit, and patterns of different hair, we formulated and calculated an average 4 types of hair. However, those 4 types are subdivided into many parts.

Straight hair:

This is the type of hair that has absolutely no obtuse pattern of growth, it simply grows straight from the root to the tip in a linear fashion.

Curly hair:

This particular has type has 3 further subdivisions.

The first type has broad, lengthy and rounded curl

The second type has a cluster of voluminous curls.

The third consists of tight and narrow curls in a very high volume

Wavy hair:

The first type of hair consists of a long loose wave, this wave is basically straight hair with a slightly wavy pattern

The second type is a moderate wave that comes across as very calm and timid waves.

The third type is a highly strong and well defined wave

Kinky hair:

This is the hair type whose name leaves the person confused. This hair type is sometimes referred to as crimpy hair. This hair type has a further 2 types.

Type 1 is like hair that has a mind of its own. It has no particular pattern, it just contains random instantaneous crimps and curls.

Type 2 shows very minute curl patterns and sometime close to no curls at all but, the texture and frizziness of this hair type remain.

Based on your hair type you have options.  So no matter which hair type you are, follow an organic based hair care regimen with curls products to bring out the moisture, shine, and strength of your hair.  Continue browsing our website at and chose the products that match your needs.  Subscribe to our newsletter to receive tips and promotions and be sure to connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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