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Arginine for Hair, Skin and Nails

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Use of supplements is very common now. People find it easier to just pop a pill every few hours and get back to their lives or work. Given the busy routines and all, taking a pill seems easier than taking time out to put together a balanced meal.

There is a pill for everything. Hair, skin, nails, heart, liver, kidneys you name it, they have it.

There is a particular substance called arginine, for hair, nails and skin. There are more benefits involved. Read on to find out more.

What is Arginine?

Also called the L-Arginine, is considered an unimportant amino acid. This means you self produce enough of it in your body. So no need to hoard on the extra supplies.

Why do Arginine Supplements Exist?

Despite being considered unimportant, there are times when you can not produce enough. This can be either from malnutrition and/or sickness.

How much you produce depends on factors like age, gender, genetics, diet, health status and whether or not you use narcotics or consume alcohol

The natural production decreases over time. So this is why aged people are recommend supplements.

Arginine is very important when it comes to immune system and liver health. It induces the production of collagen, which is necessary for healing wounds and keeping skin elastic

It dissolves body fat, and makes your muscles grow. Some even claim that it is beneficial in treating male fertility problems.

Were not done yet, her are some more benefits of L-arginine.

Benefits for Skin

Anti-aging properties

The skin is the largest organ of your body. We bet you did not know that. Anyways, with time the skin loses its elasticity, tightness and freshness.

Taking this amino acid will continue the production of human growth hormone. This makes your body produce anti-aging compounds. Thus slowing down the aging process.

Speeds Up Healing Process

Arginine reduces the time it takes for your wounds to heal. Protein is necessary for the healing part. By aiding L-proline, an essential compound that makes collagen, makes you heal faster.

Rejuvenates the Skin

Skin care products come with anti-bacterial compounds. This, combined with anti-oxidants repair all or any damage to the skin.

Benefits for Hair

There are a few benefits for your hair as well.

Stops Hair Fall

The amino acids dissolve and mix in the blood. They relax the blood vessels and improve circulation. This improves the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the follicles.

Hair products that have arginine help strengthen hair follicles and shafts.

Prevents Damage to Hair

All or any damage done by commercial hair products is reversed by using arginine

Other benefits of arginine are

  • Good for the heart
  • Controls blood pressure
  • Increases sex drive and enhances libido
  • Prevents bladder inflammation
  • Helps lose weight
  • Makes the immune system stronger
  • Detoxes your blood
  • Increases stamina for exercise
  • Prevents Cancer

Foods Rich in Arginine

If you feel you are deficient of this amino acid, worry not. You can increase your dose through your daily diet.

Try these foods

  • Eggs
  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Green Vegetables
  • Almonds
  • Walnuts
  • Sea weed
  • Sesame seeds
  • Coconut
  • Chicken and Beef liver
  • Turkey

Arginine Supplement for Hair Loss and Body Health

Now that you know what it is and how it does it’s job. We would like to tell you that, at Regenepure we have a hair loss preventing kit that comes with the supplement.

And it is not just one ingredient. It is a mix of 15+ ingredients that work together to restore your hair and body health. Those suffering from hair loss or thinning can check out our hair regrowth system for men and women.

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Buy This From Amazon

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