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Wild Growth Hair Oil

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When you’re waiting for your hair to grow, it seems to feel like it stops growing altogether. Exposure to harsh chemicals and treatments and many other problems can lead to hair that doesn’t grow or starts thinning.

If you find yourself longing for fuller, healthier, longer hair, there’s a natural way to make it happen.

The answer is Wild Growth Hair Oil.

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Wild Growth Hair Oil


  • Have a long standing in the industry being around since 1985
  • Combination of various essential oils to create an effective concoction to stimulate hair growth
  • Natural without harmful substance

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What is Wild Hair Growth Oil?

Wild Growth Hair Oil is an all-natural oil that can be applied to any hair type for a multitude of benefits, such as detangling, managing, relaxing, adding body and shine, conditioning, and growing.

Just a few drops of this oil offers an opportunity to those who want long, full, healthy hair or the return of hair to thinning areas on their scalp.

About The Company

Wild Growth has many products in their line, and they are committed to products with natural ingredients that are recognizable to most consumers.

They’ve been around since 1985, and it’s easy to find evidence of that: many of their customers have used their products for 20 years.

Wild Growth has a faithful following: users happily send in pictures showing evidence of their hair growth, and Wild Growth proudly displays these photos on the home page of their website.

They’ve always been concerned about safe, natural ingredients that work, and that hasn’t changed in their over 30 years of doing business.

Does Wild Growth Hair Oil Really Work?

Happy customers can attest to seeing their hair noticeably grow longer or become thicker after just a month. Wild Growth Oil has the right ingredients to stimulate hair growth, and customers who use this product usually end up using it for years.

Results, Before and After Pictures, Testimonials

We could spend all day exploring testimonials and still never come to the end of them, but there are several to let you know how this product has helped others:

  • Women report removing braids and having bald spots. After using wild hair growth oil, these customers notice the bald spots on their scalps filling in quickly with healthy, thick hair.
  • When cancer left a man bald, he turned to this product to grow his hair back out, and it worked.
  • Many loyal customers do not let themselves run out of this product because they see such in an acute difference in the way their hair looks and feels.
  • Customers regularly notice increased hair growth within two weeks to one month of starting on this product.

A user shares her experience with the hair oil after using it for 3 months:


You want to know what you put on your body since our skin absorbs the chemicals we expose it to.

Check out this ingredient list for Wild Growth Hair Oil:

Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Natural Color, Vitamin D, Choline, Calcium, Inositol, Iron, Magnesium, Fragrance, and Phosphorus.

The top three ingredients in this oil make all the difference.

Let’s talk about why:

  • Olive oil

    The fatty acids in olive oil coat the hair and protect the roots where damage from heat and exposure occur. By protecting the hair, olive oil encourages healthy growth instead of broken, weak hair.

  • Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil takes it one step further. Jojoba oil is better characterized as a wax ester, a fatty acid that is very similar to actual skin oil. Jojoba oil doesn’t just coat damaged ends but actually encourages the skin in the scalp to produce its own oil to maintain healthy hair.

  • Coconut oil

Who hasn’t heard about the health benefits of coconut oil? Studies have found that coconut oil seeps into the scalp to condition hair better than most conditioners without doing the damage harsh chemicals can do. Like the first two ingredients, coconut oil is a fatty acid, and the first three ingredients combined offer major help for hair.

How To Use Wild Growth Hair Oil?

After hair is shampooed and towel dried, simply add around 5-15 drops of oil, to your scalp and hair. Make sure to put oil on both the scalp and hair to receive the maximum benefits. You can also use this product on dry hair. Simply apply to needed areas, either the scalp, hair or the ends of your hair.


  • You only need a small amount

Many other products on the market require you to use more of the product to get results, whereas the hair oil only requires you to use a few drops to see results. This will save you time and money.

  • Safe ingredient list

Reading the ingredient list for oil is a completely different experience than reading an ingredient list for other hair care products. The ingredients in this hair oil are recognizable and safe, ensuring your hair will look good and truly be healthy.

  • Strength

Besides helping hair grow and be fuller, Wild Growth Hair Oil also strengthens hair. Even if your hair is exposed to harsh treatments like perming, flat ironing, or pressing, this oil will work to strengthen damaged hair, leaving it healthy.

  • Cost

This product is an absolute steal. Hair treatments to treat damaged and thinning hair can cost hundreds of dollars, but you can purchase this at-home hair treatment for far less.

  • All-in-one

You won’t need a conditioner, detangler, moisturizer, or frizz control product when you use it. The formula used in this one product will care for your hair on every level.

  • Faster hair drying

After this product is applied, drying your hair should take less time. Not only is this convenient for the sake of time, but it also means you will spare your hair from being exposed to heat any longer than it has to be.


  • Many users complain of the smell. Some say it is faint and easy to overlook while others say it is so strong that they don’t put this oil on if they are about to leave the house. It is worth noting that users generally don’t stop using the product just because of the scent.
  • The other major complaint was that it left hair a bit oily. Users complained of an oily feeling after applying this product that did not go away even after hair was completely dry. Again, this didn’t deter customers from continuing to use this product. Most found a workaround by applying the product less, and they still saw great results for their hair.

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