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Top 6 Tips That Prevent Hair Loss In Women

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Hair loss in women is a common notion. We see it practically every day. In fact, some people, despite having beautiful locks of hair prefer to go bald all in the name of personal” STYLE”. But, the same cannot be said for women. When a lady begins to see signs of hair loss in the mirror, “IT’S A NIGHTMARE”.

The average these days is 100 – 150 strands a DAY! But, usually, it is not a problem to see so much hair is stuck to your brush. The problem begins when you notice that there is more on the brush rather than your head. And after that, anxiety begins to take over, constant stress puppeteer’s life like never before, unstoppable questions around every corner. “Has anyone noticed?” ”Do I look like a freak?”, “Why would such a thing happen?” and, sadly, once the feelings sits in, we blame it on genetics where actually genetically women are very less likely to gain hair loss in their genes, that is a male thing.

So here are a few things that we are doing wrong and first in foremost should avoid doing in hopes of not losing our hair in the first place, and if you’re already suffering from hair loss, there are a few tips on how to regain what you have lost.

Keep Reading! It is a Win! Win! Situation.

Avoid Styles That Pull Back on Your Hair.

Braids, tight ponytails, cornrows, hair pushed back with a headband are an absolute DO NOT ATTEMPT situation. It makes you look SEXY temporarily but makes you regret it in the later stages. I say this because the Tension forced on your hair will cause each strand to thin down and weaken from their root which will eventually result in you losing more hair in an hour then you can grow in a Day.

Say “No” to Hair Styling Equipment

Any hair styling equipment involving heat and electricity is no good. Believe me, it does more harm than good. But, it is everybody’s right to look and feel beautiful and confident. Thus, it is recommended that you use natural hair straightening or curling methods other than styling gear, or, use a good hair protecting heat spray and don’t let the hair straightener or curling iron remain longer than 10-15 seconds. If you can feel the heat about 3 inches away from the gadget, the heat level is too high. LOWER IT!

Stay Away From Chemicals

Using Heat to style your hair is like getting shot in the head, INSTANT, But! Chemicals that you don’t know about are like “cigarettes”, it’s a slow killer. Using chemicals to Straighten, Lighten, Bleach, Dye or do anything regarding your hair, is being like Hitler to your hair. Use the natural remedies. Not only will it make you look good, but it will also keep you like that for a long time.

You Are What You EAT

Start eating foods that contain the high amount of protein, vitamins and essential minerals. Apparently, most people who are suffering from hair problems suffer because of Genetics, or Malnutrition.

Eat, it does not matter how much you eat but eats healthily.

Eat Foods Rich In

  • Omega 3 and 6
  • Vitamin A, C, and D
  • Vitamin B (mainly Biotin, B5 and B12)
  • Zinc

Not only will it make your hair healthier, but it will make you look Amazing. But remember! Anything in access is bad. So have a cheat meal now and again.

Keep Your Friends Close, and Enemies’ Closer

I Quote “Chemicals that you don’t know about are like cigarettes”, there are companies that are researching day and night to keep you and your hair healthy. You should always “Know what you buy” and “Know exactly what you need” a few chemically made hair products Actually Work! You just need to know which one do you need. Consider using a topical medication for a quick, easy, fast and effective way of keeping your hair healthy or even regrow lost hair

Massage Your Scalp With Essential Oils

Massage your scalp with a naturally, extracted oil from Coconut, Mustard seeds, Lavender, Cypress, Carrot seeds or Rosemary. This will increase blood flow in the scalp which will help release tension and stress which are two Major factors that contribute to hair loss

Keep these 6 tips at the back of your head and it will not only help you keep your hair intact, but it will also help you develop a healthy lifestyle. Stay tuned for more.

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