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What Stimulates Hair Growth?

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It’s a very common question asked by almost every person, over the years many methods were tried tested and applied till finally, we had a list of what is effective in what way. If your someone who thinks they’re losing hair and want them to grow better and faster here are some things to try out. And of course, we will be considering the natural and easy to do methods so let’s begin.

  • Scalp Massage

A good scalp massage gets the blood flowing to every inch of the head. This circulates blood to all the areas that are deprived of it, which results in the death of hair follicles over time. Using Caster/Almond/Coconut hair oil is recommended for best results. Just warm slightly and apply away, best done if you can get someone to do it for you, that way they will have a better view and it’s even more relaxing.

  • Vitamin B Supplement

Vit B is proven to be an effective hair growth factor. This can either be taken in a form of pills OR naturally through food like beef liver, fish, cheese, milk, lamb meat, sardines, shellfish, yogurt, chicken, kidney beans, all types of fruits and vegetables.

  • Brushing Your Hair

YES, that’s right, brushing your hair with natural brush bristles stimulates hair follicles and encourages blood flow. Now we’re not saying you keep brushing and brushing as Rapunzel would with her long hair but doing this in different directions steers blood to every inch of the scalp and this acts as a boost factor for hair growth.

  • Wash Your Hair

Taking a bath every single day does more harm than good. Regardless of what you may think, bathing too much strips your skin and hair of its natural oils that are essential to maintaining the structure of the skin itself. It’s best to bathe after every two days. Wash your head thoroughly, because the sebum (natural skin oil produced by the scalp) sometimes accumulates on the base of the hair, trapping dust particles and clogging the pores. A good, thorough, BUT GENTLE wash using an herbal shampoo should clear that right out and allow your skin to breathe.

  • Get Good Sleep

Yes, we all have heard the line “Sleep is for the weak” but have you heard of “No sleep makes you weak”. That’s right, being sleep deprived not only makes you lethargic during the day but also deprives your body of the opportunity to rest, recover and heal itself because a lot of cell activity is at the halt while you are awake (cell synthesis consumes a fair amount of energy). NO, we’re not saying you take on damage while being awake but studies have shown that when you sleep your body recovers, your cells regenerate, and you make new blood cells and antibodies. Getting a good 8 hrs to sleep on weekdays and 10hrs on weekends will not only make you feel more energized but also encourage new cell growth which will then eventually help you have better hair.

  • Exercise

You read that correct, exercise is proven to be a boost factor for a healthy body. While some would assume the extreme like hitting the gym and pumping iron and getting ripped is the way to go….WRONG, light exercise can be just as effective. Try things like yoga, jogging, swimming, light weight lifting, and something as simple as hanging upside down for 5 minutes a day. The goal here is to get your blood pumping because only healthy eating doesn’t help, blood needs to go to every part of the body and carry the nutrients with it. Effective circulation will show more results. Your body needs to move, every part needs exercise. The expression “A healthy body has a healthy mind” is absolutely true. Exercise may be hard in the start but once you get into it, you will see a lot of physical changes like elevated mood, good health, and better body shape and facial appearance. Psychologically it is good for your self-esteem and relief of mental stress. The happier you are the better your body will grow and chances are your hair will definitely grow and look better.

  • Drink More Water

WE CAN NOT stress this enough, your body needs water, it’s not only vital to your survival overall but it goes down to the cellular level as well. The daily requirement of water per person is 6-8 glasses throughout the day. While it is an absurd thing to do, drinking liters and liters of water in one sitting because “Excess of anything is bad”. To remain healthy one must maintain balance in life. 90% of the cellular activity in the body requires water that must be provided throughout the day. Staying hydrated is not only good for the skin but also is an absolute must for your growth factor. Water is a carrier agent that transports nutrients and minerals throughout the body, being deprived of it results in lethargy, slow cell function, stress on the liver and kidney because they have to deal with the flow of thick blood which causes harm in the long run. So make sure you stay hydrated because you may not feel the urge for water but your body DEFINITELY does.




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