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McDonald’s Fries Causing Hair Growth!

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Could McDonald’s Get Any Better?

Other to its deliciousness of a light crispy shell filled with a fluffy smooth inside. One would almost think the outer layer was separately made and the filling was prepared by the hands of a perfectionist, an artist creating each fry with utter patience and precession.

Now we hear that it could cure baldness too.

Well, CAN IT?

Let me state that:


That’s exactly what I thought when I first heard the NEWS.

Apparently, McDonald’s fries are not only known to stump hunger, but also doe’s more than that. It is also been found to have the potential to help in hair growth but does eating the fries actually cause your hair to regrow.

First, in foremost

A bit on hair-loss:

85% of the male and 15% of the female population are experiencing hair problems.

Androgenetic hair loss is observed in both genders, but most of the time it is mostly found in men rather than women. Many factors cause, and sometimes also aid in the process and those factors are,

  • Thyroid disease
  • Anemia
  • Protein deficiency
  • Chemotherapy
  • Low vitamin levels

Wow, if McDonald’s fries can cure so much, why go to a doctor. Let’s go to McDonald’s instead.

The question still remains.

Does it cure Baldness?

A scientist from a Yokohama national university (Japan) has found that a chemical silicone known as “Dimethylpolysiloxane” present in the oil, that is used to fry the french-fries for prevention of splashing or wastage of oil, is actually known to regrow hair follicles in large masses on mice.

A simple Method related to the mass production of HFG’s (hair follicle germs) has greatly improved the chances for us to eliminate the ever-growing disease of Alopecia in both men and women.

Prof. Junji Fukuda stated, “The key for the mass production of HFGs was a choice of substrate materials for the culture vessel, We used oxygen-permeable dimethylpolysiloxane at the bottom of the culture vessel, and it worked very well.”

Once the Hair Growth Follicles were transplanted onto the backs of the mice, new premature black hairs began to sprout in the areas where the HGF’s were planted.

Dr. J. Fukuda (the genius behind the idea) stated that:

“This simple method is very robust and promising. We hope that this technique will improve human hair regenerative therapy to treat hair loss such as androgenic alopecia, In fact, we have preliminary data that suggests human HFG formation using human keratinocytes and dermal papilla cells.”

For more on Dr. Junji Fukuda and his team check out  below

Large-Scale Production of Hair Follicle Germs for Regenerative Medicine


That brings us to the conclusion that “Eating” the French-fries every-day is still unhealthy and will not regrow your hair.

However, there are other proven ways that would help in aiding hair loss.

Out of which one of them is “Minoxidil”.

“Minoxidil” is the only non-prescribed medical treatment that has been proven to help with female and male pattern hair loss. It has been witnessed that it had the ability to re-grow by stimulating the hair follicles and providing the scalp with a healthy environment to grow.

I will be posting a new article that will specifically target the working of Minoxidil, and I will add a BONUS which will include the top 5 brands provide with the best Minoxidil treatment for the best results.


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