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Hair Loss Prevention in Men

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A Problem for Most Men

Hair Loss Prevention in Men: Among other things, hair loss in men is one of the most common problems in the world. It affects 95% of the population, the majority of whom don’t do anything about it. We lose about 100 hair a day, which is normal. Hair loss prevention is not as hard as some people think.

The hair we lose grow back quickly, so it never feels any different. The problem comes when hair fall but do not grow back. This can be because many factors can be hair loss causes. Hair loss causes self-confidence and self-esteem issues in most men. If you are seeking hair loss remedies, you have come to the right page.

Ruling out the possibilities takes some time.

Till then a lot of damage has already been done. There is a myth about hair loss too. But science has proven a lot of those facts to be wrong. Many hair loss remedies work, and many do not.

What we do know after hundreds of years of research is that there is always an explanation for everything. Some of the most common hair loss causes are heredity and genes. Hair loss in men varies from person to person. Hair loss prevention is one of humanity’s top priorities.

Over the years, the ideas, discoveries, and knowledge were refined. Till finally, we came down to a list of plausible causes of hair loss. Here are the top 10 best hair loss reduction tips for men. Hair loss causes, signs and symptoms must not be ignored, or taken lightly.

Hair loss remedies work best when the problems are caught early. These tips will help you to not only keep the hair on your head. But also give you an idea of what you should, and should not to with your hair. So without wasting further time, let us begin.

1) Wash Your Hair With a Gentle Shampoo.

We have said this so many times. They should pass some law about this. Washing your hair is good. It is medically advised that you take a bath every two days. And you must wash your hair with a chemical free shampoo.

The reason is that most commercial shampoos do more harm than good. They strip your body, scalp, and hair of their natural oils and moisture. Leaving them dry and prone to damage. Hair loss prevention starts with taking care of your hair.

Most shampoos are made of chemicals like sulfates, SLS, DEA, parabens and other unmentioned ingredients. Before you buy that blueberry scented shampoo or that lavender conditioner, read the label. Do your own research about the product before buying.

What we suggest, is that you use a herbal shampoo. Possibly ones made from plant/vegetable/fruit extracts. Those are safe, and the natural ingredients will help deliver essential nutrients directly to your hair.

2) Watch Out for Vitamin Deficiency

Another big reason for hair loss is the fact that you are not eating right. And/or you are not eating enough. When was the last time you had fresh salad? Or you ate some fruit? No, fruit-flavored snacks do not count.

You need vitamins and minerals to keep yourself healthy and have good hair. This can be done in two ways. From fruits and vegetables in your regular diet plan. The reason for hair loss in men is linked to deficiencies.

And supplements recommended by your doctor. Here is a list of the vitamins and minerals that you need to consume on a regular basis. Deficiencies and hair loss causes are linked together. You need a balanced diet for hair loss prevention.

Vitamin A:

It is not only good for your eyes, but also for hair. It helps create new healthy cells. And it keeps your hair moisturized by producing natural oils. Eat more kale, carrots, spinach, and sweet potatoes.

B Vitamins:

All B vitamins are essential in their own way. The best among them is biotin, also called vitamin B7. Biotin improves blood circulation all over the body. And it helps utilize proteins to make hair. Eat more dark leafy vegetables, seafood, whole grains, and meat.

Vitamin C:

It is good for the skin as it makes a protein called collagen. This keeps the skin elastic, tight and fresh looking. Vitamin C helps absorb more iron into the body. This improves the delivery of oxygen. It also prevents oxidation damage that is caused by free radicals. Eat more mangoes, citrus fruits, berries, and peppers.

Vitamin D:

Hair loss and vitamin D deficiency are directly related. Vitamin D makes new follicles for hair to grow. We don’t know how exactly it makes hair grow, but it definitely does. Eat more fish, mushrooms, cod liver oil and sit in the sun for a while.

Vitamin E:

Much like vitamin C, it prevents oxidative damage from free radicals. Found abundantly in cod liver oil, this vitamin is what makes the lining of the hair follicle tissue. As well as the hair cell wall. Eat more almonds, spinach, avocados, and sunflower seeds.

Iron: We need iron to make hemoglobin. This is the compound in the blood that transports minerals all over the body. This definitely includes hair too. Iron increases the red blood cell’s nutrient and oxygen carrying capacity. Eat more beef, mutton, chicken, fish, and eggs.

3) Eat more Proteins

Hair is made from a by-product of proteins called keratin fibers. From the skin on our body, down to the microscopic scale of DNA/RNA. Almost everything is made out of proteins.

The more proteins we have, the stronger every protein-based structure will be. The keratin that makes up a hair strand needs to be replenished. The old cells need to be replaced by new ones. Eating it will benefit your skin, muscles, scalp, and hair. There are about +500,00 chemical reactions that involve amino acids. And guess what they are made from?

Red meat is said to have a special iron mineral. This enhances the capabilities of hemoglobin and red blood cells, in regards to their function in the body. Proteins are also necessary for the production of new cells. And for damage repair in the body. Not enough proteins cause hair loss in men.

4) Use Natural Oils for Scalp Massages

Scalp massages are amazing. Not only does it feel good and relaxing. But it is also good for the hair, scalp, and body. It helps to improve blood circulation towards the scalp. Natural oils are by far the best hair loss remedies.

The direct application of oil delivers minerals to your hair. This helps them grow and stay healthy. The best part is that they are potent, safe and easy to use. Here is a list of some of the best natural oils for your hair. These are universal solutions for hair loss causes.

Castor oil:

It is rich in vitamin E, as we mentioned the benefits earlier. Anti-oxidants prevent damage from free-roaming radicals. Castor oil prevents excess oil production on the scalp and skin. It is also good for treating infections and inflammation. Castor oil also helps detangle hair.

Olive oil:

Olive oil too is rich in vitamin E. It acts as a good moisturizer that attracts water from the atmosphere and binds it in the hair strands. It is a cleansing oil that removes dead skin, dandruff, excess oil and helps unclog blocked pores.

Sesame oil: It hs anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Ideal for use if you want to treat and prevent infections. It moisturizes the skin and helps keep it hydrated.

Argan Oil:

It reverses all or any damage to your hair. Argan oil makes hair smooth, lustrous and shiny. It reinforces the keratin structures of your hair, thereby making them stronger and more resistant to breakage.

Eucalyptus oil:

Extracted from every koala’s favorite, the eucalyptus plant. This is a sweet-scented oil that has anti-bacterial/fungal/inflammatory/septic properties. It is also a natural pesticide for those who wish to get rid of head lice. Use this to detangle and de-frizz unmanageable hair.

Coconut oil: This oil is rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals that all help grow hair. It is an excellent moisturizer that keeps your hair hydrated and smooth. Use coconut oil to make your hair strands thicker and increase their volume.

5) Treat your hair with care

No matter how good your hair is, always be gentle with them. Do not pull or tug them needlessly. Or keep them tied too tight for too long. It is very much possible to have hair loss because of physical trauma.

Before you go to bed, let your hair loose. Do not cover your head or keep the hair tied in curlers or headbands. Do not brush too hard, especially if the hair is wet. For tangled hair, use a comb with wide teeth. Natural oils are good for detangling hair. For hair loss prevention, make sure you are not treating your hair roughly.

6) Use Onion Juice

Onion juice counts as one of the most effective hair loss remedies. It makes the hair shiny, smooth and strong. This is also good for preventing premature greying and removing dandruff. Her is a list of benefits from using onion juice for hair loss.

Prevents dry or brittle hair

Stops premature greying hair

Prevents scalp infection

Ideal alopecia treatment

Stops inflamed, dry, or itchy scalp conditions

Reduces hair loss

Treats dandruff

Stops hair thinning

Just squeeze some onions in a bowl to get the juice. It is potent in sulfur and amino acids. Both of which are good for keratin production. With regular use, onion juice will prevent hair loss in men.

Onion juice also redirects blood towards the hair follicles. This helps deliver oxygen and minerals for hair growth.

7) Drink more water!

We can not say this enough times. Your body needs water to survive, grow and sustain itself. 99% of cells in your body are made of water. We need it for biochemical reactions, blood, oxygen, and mineral transport. We also need it for waste removal.

So make sure you drink plenty of it. About 8 glasses in 24 hours should be enough to keep you hydrated.

8) Use Green Tea Extract/Oil for hair

Tea is not only good for drinking, but it also has other uses as well. Tea tree oil is very good for your hair as it has beneficial properties. Some of them include the prevention of dandruff/flaking on the scalp. Tea oil encourages blood flow towards the hair follicles.

It removes dead skin and excess oils, this helps unclog the pores. Anti-bacterial property is good for preventing infections. You can mix it with other oils or shampoos for use. Or just apply directly on your hair.

9) Indulge in Physical Activities

Engaging in some form of physical activity is good for the mind, body, and soul. Not only is it fun and interactive, but you are also doing your body a favor. This will help you de-stress, use and develop your muscles and keep you active.

Exercise helps digest the food we eat and makes the mineral absorption faster. It will increase your stamina and lung capacity. Your blood will carry more oxygen all over the body. You don’t necessarily have to hit the gym and start lifting a lot of weight.

Just take out an hour in your daily routine and go running, swimming, play some sports, cycling etc.

10) Reduce Stress Factors

With science-backed proof, there is no denying that stress causes hair loss in men. Our body produces some chemicals that interact with the follicles and cause hair loss. You will notice during stressful times that you have more hair falling than usual.

Prolonged feelings of depression, stress, fatigue, and anxiety can cause temporary hair loss. But once the phase has passed, hair comes back in 6-12 months. It is important that you seek help if you must and get rid of the problem.

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