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With every set of birthday candles you blow out, chances are, you start seeing more white hair and you often gaze back into the days of your youth and recall the texture of your young hair.

You are not alone in this. About 30 million men and 20 million women see signs of obvious hair loss by the age of 35. The hair loss treatment market is a 7 billion dollar industry.

It is a fact that as we age, our growth becomes slow and this does not exclude our hair or hair quality. In many ways the hair and skin are a reflection of how our body is changing at a cellular level.

Natural changes occur over time, like change in blood flow, slow cell reproduction, hormonal changes and diet have an impact on our hair growth.

Now hold on, don’t start looking at what wig to buy. The solution to this aging dilemma lies in carnitine derivatives that can either be taken orally or applied physically.

Carnitine for hair growth has become a growing business, on Amazon there are 9 types of brands that have included carnitine into their product formulae. Follow up studies on the effectiveness are still being conducted but so far customers have reported full satisfaction.


Improve Hair From The Inside Out

Will taking carnitine orally produce the same or even better results?The theory behind the Juvenon ALC + ALA nutraceutical combination is that it improves cell metabolism and energy production in every cell of the body. And if certain types of hair loss are because of insufficient cellular energy in the hair follicle, then Juvenon might help.




The Science Behind Customer Claims

In 1995, a Japanese group filed a patent called “Hair-growing agent”, which focuses on a restoration agent and a carnitine derivative that has hair growing action.

It also explains that energy required for hair to grow, there has generally been used ATP which is generated by metabolism of glucose through glycolysis system and a TCA cycle. In male pattern alopecia, phosphofructokinase (PFKase) an enzyme that catalyzes glycolysis system is prohibited by male hormones to suppress the energy that is being supplied.

The claim is that carnitine improves the energy production in hair follicle cells, thus enabling more hair to grow. In clinical trials, the shaved hair on the back of mice grew back twice as fast with the carnitine application on the area where the hair was missing.


Hair Follicle Findings

In 2007, researchers tested on human hair follicles, and they incubated the cells with very low levels of L-carnitine tartrate for 9 days. In the end, the follicles treated with l-carnitine showed significant and prominent growth of hair.

The treatment not only slowed follicle cell death (apoptosis) but it improved follicle cell growth (proliferation). It also increased local cell growth proteins in the outer root sheath.

Another study was conducted on the previous results, this time a placebo-controlled observational study of auxiliary application of Carnitine on people with moderate level of androgenetic alopecia (hair loss). Fifty-one subjects finished the trial, and confirmed that topical carnitine application really does help grow hair.

Juvenon Health Journal will continue to publish research that will help you stay updated, informed and healthy. By providing effective, all-natural supplements that you can use. Juvenon has the essential toolkit needed to counter aging issues.



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