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5 Myths about hair loss


Myths about hair loss: Dr. Bauman said, “Hair loss is a major problem for millions of men and women, they need accurate medical information to make informed decisions about treatment options”.


(Allen J. Bauman, PhD), Dr. Bauman is a leading expert in the US on hair loss and who had heard about the whole range of hair loss myths and rumors of hundreds of men and women, seeking to it every year.  According to Dr. Bauman, there are the five most common myths about hair loss:


5 Myths about hair loss

Myth 1: Hair loss can be predicted by looking at his father.

FACT: Baldness is inherited, but it is a combination of genes passed from both kinship lines of maternal and paternal.


Myth 2: The hair loss is stopped after a certain age.

FACT: Hair loss is an ongoing process, which does not stop at any age by itself.


Myth 3: Special shampoos that will have magical effect on your hair follicles with the help of which you can prevent hair loss.

FACT: There is no scientific evidence that follicles can actually “clog” and prevent the growth of hair.


Myth 4: Wearing a hat.

FACT: Hats do not have any effect on hair loss.  However, heavy wigs, which are attached to the natural hair by using tape or glue, can sometimes lead to hair loss called alopecia traumatic.


Myth 5: Brushing or massaging the scalp can reduce hair loss.

FACT: There is no scientific evidence that only brushing or massaging the scalp can improve blood circulation, which will help prevent or reduce hair loss.  Now more than 80 million men and women suffer from hair loss, and they spend about $ 2 billion USD for treatment every year.


In addition: Is it impossible to cure baldness?


5 Myths about hair loss

Modern science can offer productive ways to treat baldness.  Such as, Rogaine (topical minoxidil) and Propecia (finasteride ) approved by FDA for pattern baldness, hair transplantation methods (such as micro-grafting, slit grafting, punch grafting)  The primary concern is the right time to take action, to consult with a specialist to find out the true cause and accurately follow the recommendations.  Even in advanced cases, you can choose the treatment that will at least suspend the process.  The key to success is to remove the factors that caused the loss, and the use of modern means of hair loss.


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