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Androgenetic Alopecia: Big Problems with the Current Theory!


Cause of Androgenetic AlopeciThere’s a whole other world to androgenetic alopecia than simply your qualities…

Androgenetic alopecia in three men and a woman

The hormones testosterone and its subordinate dihydrotestosterone are, alongside hereditary variables, in charge of creating this kind of male pattern baldness in more than 80% of men and around half of ladies.

That is many people!

Truth be told, this is by a long shot the most well-known sort of male pattern baldness influencing a huge number of men and ladies around the globe.

So why does it influence such a variety of individuals?

This page inspects the hormones and hereditary qualities that can answer that question, and uncovers some huge issues with the present hypothesis for this sort of male pattern baldness.

At last, there’s a gander at side effects including its characterization scales (Hamilton-Norwood scale for men and Ludwig scale for ladies).

Reason for Androgenetic Alopecia


There are two vital hormone-related zones to consider:

1. How these hormones demonstration.

2. How they fit in with the present hypothesis.

Cause of Androgenetic Alopeci

1. How these hormones demonstration: Bone, muscle and hair growth… and male pattern baldness!

Testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) are steroid hormones (androgens) and, all things considered, have an anabolic impact. As it were, they make things grow.

That is the reason, amid pubescence when levels of these two hormones expand, men encounter a major surge in bone and muscle growth.

Yet, these hormones additionally advance the growth of hair – testosterone creates pubic hair growth, and dihydrotestosterone creates facial and body hair growth. So that brings up the issue:

By what means can these hormones be connected to both hair growth and male pattern baldness?

The present hypothesis for this sort of balding can’t clarify this obvious conundrum…

2. The present hypothesis

The present hypothesis was created after it had been watched that emasculated men (eunuchs) tend to keep their hair and not endure male example hairlessness. Plainly then, without typical levels of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone, male pattern baldness won’t create.

Ensuing research additionally reported the accompanying:

Hair follicles in the male pattern baldness area of the scalp seem to contain more androgen receptors and 5-alpha reductase than in whatever remains of the scalp.

The protein 5-alpha reductase changes over testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (which is around five times more capable than testosterone).

Dihydrotestosterone then ties to the androgen receptors a great deal more so than does testosterone, and gathers inside the hair follicles.

Expanded levels of dihydrotestosterone can be found in the male pattern baldness district of the scalp in individuals who endure androgenetic alopecia.

All of which prompted the present hypothesis, which expresses that large amounts of dihydrotestosterone must be in charge of the scaling down of hair follicles and the male pattern baldness which then grows, however precisely how dihydrotestosterone does this is not known!


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