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Before and After Hair Transplant Photos


Men’s Before and After Hair Transplant Photos

In this way, he performs stand out hair transplant tolerant every day, permitting him to invest as much energy conceivable to accomplish hello there objectives. He has as of now performed more than 2,000 cases, including 1,000 FUE cases. The following are few example of his work.

Before and After Hair Transplant Photos


 Class 4. Front perspective. He had 2,083 unions set in one session. This level thickness and  naturalness can be proficient by performing one and only case for every day. Dr. must make the beneficiary openings so near each other to make this level of thickness

Before and After Hair Transplant Photos

Class 4. Left Side perspective. 2,083 unions. After one session as it were. If you don’t mind pay consideration on how regular the hairline is. Hair transplant is a craftsmanship, particularly the hairline creation.

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Class 4. Right side view. Before and after 2,083 grafts. Procedure performed by Dr



 2,153 unions put in the crown. After one session. Strategy performed by Dr Extraordinary hair transplants are a blend of good arranging, masterfulness and awesome execution.

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Prior and then afterward 2,256 unions. Class 6. Top perspective. System performed by Dr Making a characteristic looking hair transplant is a craftsmanship. It requires persistence, imaginativeness and commitment

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This noble man had 2,135 unions set in the hairline and the top midscalp. Results are after one session.




Prior and then afterward 2,113 unions set in one session. Front perspective. Class 2. System performed by Dr Sean  The red line demonstrates the separation between the eyebrows and the hairline. On the post hair transplant picture (right), you can see the temple is littler.


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 Previously, then after the fact 2,515 unions set from the hairline upto the crown. All done in one session. This man of his word has fine and lighter hair contrasted with the normal, in this manner requiring a bigger number of unions than the normal to create the thickness seen on left (after his procedure)


This man of honor had 1913 unions set in the mid scalp and crown range. Comes about after 1 session.

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This honorable man had 2,045 unions put in the hairline and mid scalp. Results are after one strategy.



 Silver hair reclamation. This honorable man has simply silver hair. We represent considerable authority in silver hair. Dr has extraordinary magnifying instruments that are utilized for individuals with silver hair. Persistent had 1,824 unions done. Comes about after one session.


African American FUE hair transplant: This respectable man had 1,232 unions put int he frontal hairline. This methodology was performed by the FUE strategy, where singular unions were expelled one by one and put int he frontal hairline.



 Class 3, diminishing. This man of honor had 1,749 unions set in the hairline. The left picture indicates how diminished the frontal hairline is before the hair transplant. The photo to the right shows how thicker the hairline is after the methodology. Dr has planned a unique device that empowers him to make beneficiary locales around current unions without harming them, in this manner making diminished hairline thicker.

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Class 3, diminishing. Previously, then after the fact 1,749 unions put in the hairline. Comes about following one year. As clarified over, this man of honor as of now has a great deal of hair, so Dr has built a unique utensil that empowers him to go in the middle of the present unites and make the hairline thicker.

Class 3 diminishing: This refined man had 1,568 unions put in the hairline. Right picture demonstrates diminishing of the frontal hairline. The left picture taken one year after the method demonstrates thickened frontal hairline.


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