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Can Diabetes Affect Your Hair Growth?


Does Type 1 diabetes affect your hair growth? The answer is yes. Our bodies go through great amount of physical stress to keep up with our daily routine of eating, exercising and emotional processing. This combination of stress, poor blood glucose management and hormonal imbalances affects hair health and growth. The disturbed cycle can then lead to hair loss or lack of hair growth.

Here is a description of how diabetes can affect your hair.

High Blood Sugars

High glucose level means more sugar in your blood. The excess sugar can damage cells and organs all over your body, including your blood vessels. The blood vessels carry oxygen and nutrients throughout your body to nourish cells, organs, and tissues. But damaged blood vessels will not properly deliver oxygen to your hair follicles, thus affecting the overall body functionality, including your hair growth cycle.

Stress & Hormones

Diabetes Affect Your Hair Growth

The impact of diabetes is exhausting for your body. The physical and emotional stress can directly impact the hair growth cycle.  These fluctuating hormone levels affect the regeneration process of hair follicles.

Other Factors

If your blood glucose level is balanced and the stress is reduced but you still suffer from hair loss, then you need to see your doctor for a better explanation. Those with Type 1s have a higher chance of developing thyroid complications and celiac disease, which also affects hair growth.

How to Prevent Hair Loss

  • Monitor your blood glucose levels strictly, and do routine checks.
  • Start working out, you can naturally reduce your blood sugar levels through sweating. Exercise improves the delivery of oxygen to your entire body.
  • Diabetes is stressful and is a burden, but you can work on eliminating the factors that cause you stress so you can live a healthier life.
  • Beware of what you eat, you may not be diabetic because of genetic inheritance but consuming too much sugar too can induce diabetes in healthy normal people, so be aware.

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