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What Causes Hair Growth?


Ever wonder or ask yourself “what causes hair to grow?” We assume that since there’s no blood or life force in them they’re just dead…. WRONG!!!

Hair is as alive as other parts of your body but in a different way. They most definitely are alive, they breathe, grow, need nutrients, nourishment and care.

And like other parts of the body they have certain needs and requirements, in order to grow, glow and stay healthy.

So here we will be talking about some of those ways that are easy to do for almost everybody.

So let’s start with

Internal Factors

Hair care starts from within, ever heard of the quote “you are what you eat”, no it doesn’t mean if you eat a tomato that makes you a tomato. But rather whatever you consume becomes a part of you and reflects on you, be it healthy or unhealthy food.

Eating healthy makes you healthy, the more balanced your diet is, the better you and your body will turn out to be.

Every food item has the required vitamins, nutrients and minerals that are essential for your body’s physical growth, cellular/organ development, healing and damage repair.

Vitamins and minerals that assist and encourage hair growth are vitamin A, B3, B5, B12, C, E, Omega 3 fatty acids, Zinc, Protein, Niacin, Fish Oil, Iron, and Biotin.



Proteins are the building blocks of hair and it is found abundantly in eggs. Including them in your diet will be beneficial for your hair and the rest of your body.


And other green leafy vegetables have high iron content in them. Iron is responsible in carrying minerals and nutrients in the blood to all parts of the body. Being deficient of it will eventually cause you to have hair loss.

Citrus Fruits:

Like lime, lemon, oranges, grape fruits have high doses of vitamin C in them (even mangoes, though not a citrus but still a very rich source of Vitamin C). This makes the collagen that makes up the blood vessels and capillaries in the body. Hair follicle shaft is connected to these vessels which is the source of their nutrition.

Seeds and Nuts:

The omega-3-fatty acids found in nuts and seeds are what nourish the hair and make them thick. Soya Beans, Salmon, Sardines, Chia Seeds, Mackerels, Almonds, walnuts and flaxseeds too have high amount of omega 3 in them. And since the human body cannot self-produce these fats, they have to be taken externally via diet.

Whole Grain:

Are rich in Biotin, Zinc, Iron and vitamin B. Biotin is essential in cell reproduction/synthesis and it plays a key role in making amino acids (proteins) which is important for hair growth.


Drinking carrot juice or simply eating carrots periodically induces faster hair growth. The fastest growing cell in our body is the cells in the hair. Taking fair amounts of vitamin A keeps the roots healthy, encourages and maintains that frequent growth.

Avocado: And fish oil is a rich source of vitamin E. It improves the blood circulation and helps the hair follicle work efficiently in order to encourage hair growth. Vitamin E balances and maintains the body’s oil and PH level, because if they exceed, they clog the hair follicle and hinders hair growth. Added bonus, it’s good for the heart too.

So we talked about what you can do from the inside, now let’s move on to…

External Factors

Head Massage:

What Causes Hair Growth?A good head massage gets the blood pumping all over. Getting your head massaged time to time using Coconut/Almond/Mustard oil can not only help you relax and unwind but also its great for the hair. The blood rush will supply nutrients faster to the hair, thus encouraging hair growth.

Washing your Hair:

What Causes Hair Growth?






Taking a proper bath after every 2-3 days (daily bathing deprives hair and skin of natural oils) is a good way to keep hair clean and healthy. The oil in our hair traps dust and dirt particles, clogging the pores and preventing good hair growth. A good wash cleans the skin, opens the pores and lets hair breathe and grow better.

Getting Enough Sleep:

Your body needs rest to repair and heal itself. Getting enough sleep not only makes you more energized, but also makes you healthy as well. Adults need about 8 hours of sleep to function properly. The more rested you re, the better your body will work and chances are, you’ll have good hair too in the end.

Brush your hair:

The only physical exercise for hair is brushing. No it won’t make them grow muscles, but rather, the roots they emerge from will have a surge of blood flow beneath them when you will move the brush bristles across your head. The active blood flow will transport nutrients to hair follicles faster.


We said it before and we will say it again. Simple eating healthy won’t solve everything; you NEED some form of exercise to utilize the minerals and nutrients that you are putting in yourself. Simple jogging, light weight exercise, sports, swimming or just simply hanging upside down for 5 minutes a day (after a good run/jog) is enough to help you remain fit and consume what you eat. This will overall have a major impact on how you look and how you feel.

Drinking Enough Water:

We cannot stress this enough, you NEED water even if you don’t feel like having any. Your body is made up of 80% water, 90% of the cellular function in your body needs water. The liver and kidneys function well when properly hydrated. Water is also a carrier agent (along with other nutrients like iron) that transports minerals and vitamins all across your body to every part. Being dehydrated makes your skin dry and wrinkle. The kidney and liver function is affected greatly. And when nutrients don’t go where they’re needed, you will eventually have hair problems as well. Daily requirement is 6-8 glasses in 24hrs. So stay hydrated and stay healthy.


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