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Dieting and Hair loss


Dieting and Hair loss: There are plenty of reasons of hair loss, including certain medications, chemotherapy, genetics, hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, but you will be surprised to know that dieting or rapid weight loss can also result in hair thinning and hair loss or Alopecia.

Dieting and Hair loss

Dieting can have a negative impact on your hair growth. Because, if dieting stresses your body, it can aggravate the hair loss. It’s more likely, the stress itself will cause hair loss than the reduction in the nutrient intake.  However, if you start an extreme diet i.e., reduction in nutrients could also have a damaging effect on your hair.

The funny thing is that you can get all the nutrient your hair required, while also following the weight loss program.  To discover it, keep on reading.


Things you should avoid while dieting


 Science has proven the fact that a diet that weighs in at less than 1200 calories a day can provoke hair loss, which is known as “telogen effluvium”


Crash Dieting


We all know the risks associated with crash diets, but did you know that losing a few pounds using utmost methods could also cost you your hair.

Many people think that healthy diet mainly consists of fruit and vegetable, with minimal protein and calories.  But often it does not contain all the elements needed for optimum hair growth.

Crash dieting literally starves your hair follicles of vital nutrients and energy, it can also cause many hairs at once to prematurely enter the shedding phase.

Nutrients are the first one to be sent to the body parts that really need them, like your heart and only then, if there enough left over, will benefit your hair.


Some key factors to remember while dieting


  • Don’t use anything extremely. Avoid extreme changes in your diet pattern.
  • Don’t take a variety of supplements in the hope of getting lots of dandy nutrients for your hair, because, different vitamins, fats and minerals interact with each other.  May be you are taking one supplement that contains a mineral that binds with a vitamin in another supplement you’re taking, it can make it non-digestible.
  • Keep your supplements down to as few as possible, unless you know what you are doing otherwise you are only throwing lots of different pills down your throat, which could do more harm than good.


How you can safely diet while keeping your hair healthy


Dieting and Hair loss

  • Reduce to portion sizes, while controlling a good balance of carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, fats and protein.
  • Increase the amount of the exercise while maintaining your current food consumption levels to achieve weight loss without stressing yourself or harming your follicles.
  • You definitely lose hair with weight reduction, but only if you are healthy, your hair will come back after weight stabilizes.
  • Eat enough protein daily, because it is a major component of the hair (click here). Use a food planner (a calculator) at gov to calculate the amount of protein you need per day.
  • If you think you are being a nutrient deficient, add a hair loss supplement to your diet or else you can use a safe hair loss shampoo like, RegenePure, to put your mind at rest.


With the above tips, you can minimize the damage caused to your hair due to the effect of dieting.  In addition, read the article, how to grow hair naturally and how to use essential oils to tackle hair loss.



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