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Essential oils for hair loss



Essential oils to prevent hair loss:
Essential oils to prevent hair loss:
Applying oil is an ancient way to give strength, health, shine and texture to your hair.  It also protects hair from thinning and graying.  Essential oils, such as, coconut, olive, rosemary, cedar wood, castor, jojoba help in regrowth and prevent hair loss because they can stimulate the tiny blood vessels of the scalp.  This stimulation helps in healthy blood circulation and accelerates the blood flow to the scalp, which helps with the hair loss.

In 1998, a seven months study conducted under the Department of Dermatology, Aberdeen in the United Kingdom proves that the essential oils can treat Alopecia areataOnly, if you are using the right proportion of essential oils to massage your scalp.


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How to Use Essential Oils to Tackle Hair Loss

How to Use Essential Oils to Tackle Hair Loss
How to Use Essential Oils to Tackle Hair Loss:
Essential oils are very effective moisturizer for dry and damaged hair.  You can always apply the essential oil to your scalp directly but to get some magical  results it is necessary to dilute it with carrier oil. 

Best three ways to apply essential oils

Every hair on your head, falls, when it comes to the end of its life cycle but you can maintain your total hair volume by using the essential oils in a proper way.

  1. Massaging your scalp:

Massaging your scalpGet your essential oils, add 5 drops to every 10mls of warm carrier oil and mix it well together.  Pour the amount of the blend into a bowl or a cup, now dip your finger pad in it and work it into your scalp by massaging it in a gentle circular motion but avoid too much friction, because, it can damage hair roots.

After massaging your scalp for 3 to 4 minutes flip your head down to increase the blood flow, whilst, keep on massaging.  After that gently tap your head all over with your fist, it basically improve your blood circulation by alerting your nervous system.  Now leave it for 50 to 60 minutes and then washed it out with a SLS free shampoo.

  1. Treatment with warm oil:

Treatment with warm oilIt is very essential to warm your carrier oil, because warming enhances the effectiveness of the essential oil.  But do not heat it too much as you will kill all the essential vitamins and phytochemicals.  The best time for warm oil treatment is before shampooing your hair.  Warm oil treatment will make your hair naturally soft and more bouncy.




  1. Mixing it with shampoo

Mixing it with shampooYou can also mix essential oils with your shampoo or conditioner to accelerate its performance.  Apply the mixture to the scalp and hair then baggy your hair with shower cap for 10 minutes before taking shower.  It will provide strength to your hair and control hair loss as well.




Determination is the key

Determination is the keyUnfortunately there are no magical cures for hair loss.  So if you want to get the best results you should commit to massaging your scalp regularly, stick to healthy diet and stay stress free.  However, you can prevent hair loss and boost hair re-growth by being consistent and focused to oil treatments, in combination to your diet and lifestyle changes.


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