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Alopecia is a commonly growing problem. It’s a problem that is growing by the minute. Everyday each one of us suffering from it, lose an average of 50-100 strands of hair. This can take place due to a variety of reasons, whether that reason is your genetics or even your gender, but not all cases of hair-loss is due to poor genetics. Frequently for people suffering from hair problems it is generally due to Stress, what your diet consists of, and the environmental problems. A common form of alopecia these days are telogen effluvium which is caused by a physical or mental trauma, but it recovers after the trauma is recovered from. Andro-genetic Alopecia aka Male Pattern Baldness is the most common form of alopecia found in “Men”. However if you’re suffering from andro-genetic alopecia, there is a solution that will help you regrow your hair.


Shampoo That Contain Ketoconazole

It is known antifungal that has the power to curb hair-loss in many ways. When our hair overdoses with DHT’s, it causes your hair follicles to loosen its grip on each hair strand causing the hair to fall out in an irregular pattern and in a huge bulk. To eradicate hair problems, we must first finish the excess of DHT by using ketoconazole. Once this step is complete, your hair is now fully ready to absorb any sort of hair medication that is to be used. The first time you use the product it may cause a sting or an itchy sensation, and that, is the proof that it is working.


regenepure minoxidilMinoxidil is the only chemical that is a clinically proven path to battling hair loss. It causes the hair follicle to dilate because more blood-flow to the scalp which will help improve the hair growth process and also decrease blood pressure issues. After the application of Minoxidil you must allow it to rest in your hair for a minimum of 4 hours, only then will it work to its full potential. In the first use of few uses of Minoxidil, you may notice immense hair fall, but that is perfectly normal, the weak hair begins to fall out, and then, the new baby hair sprouts (which resembles a new born babies) which then evolves into regular hair. Using both, the Ketoconazole will create the perfect hair growing atmosphere for the Minoxidil to be absorbed to its full potential. We recently found a brand that has been producing all the necessary products to Fight against hair loss, with that they have also been producing many happy people around the GLOBE. And that company is Regenepure. So instead of using two differently branded products, try using the combo by Regenepure. They have created a Ketoconazole Shampoo as well as a Minoxidil spray that works in perfect balance to give the 100% results. Not only that but they also have to offer other products that may be beneficial to you.

Minoxidil For Men

Minoxidil For Women 

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