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Getting to the Root : Causes of Hair Loss


Getting to the Root : Causes of Hair Loss

  Hair Loss Causes

Sometimes hair loss is associated with a simple root cause. Most of the time, there are hormonal imbalances such as thyroid, insulin, or testosterone. Occasionally, hair loss is linked to physical and emotional trauma, and probably dysregulation of cortisol. Even more rare, I find underlying health conditions such as autoimmunity as the root cause.

To find a patient’s particular reason for hair loss, I order a blood panel (listed at the end of the blog) to test several hormones and conditions. Correcting hair loss is all about sussing out the cause. For example, some women make too little thyroid hormone to grow their hair – it’s a matter of rationing and in your body’s triage system, hair growth is lower priority than, say, keeping your body warm. Other women make too much of the male hormone testosterone and that causes balding, although the main culprit is a metabolite (daughter) of testosterone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT)


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