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Hair Loss After Hysterectomy


Male pattern baldness and Hysterectomy – Is There a Connection?

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Hair Loss After Hysterectomy:A peruser kept in touch with me to inquire as to whether it’s basic to lose hair after a hysterectomy. She’d been losing a huge sum since her surgery and thought about whether there could be an association.

Male pattern baldness and hysterectomy

The truth of the matter is that her hysterectomy likely COULD be the reason for her male pattern baldness issues. Here’s the reason…

Change to the Usual Cycle of Hair Growth

Hair experiences a regular cycle of development, yet a hysterectomy – or the solutions endorsed to adapt to the side effects of menopause – can bring about the cycle to accelerate. This would prompt the hair dropping out all the more quickly.

The impact has a tendency to be transitory and as a rule stops when either your body has recuperated from the surgery or your medicines are lessened or changed.

Irregularity of Hormones

Your body’s equalization of hormones tends to change after a hysterectomy – and hormones can bigly affect the hair – (see my Estrogen and Hair Loss page for more data).

Identify with your specialist in the event that you feel this might be afecting you, as you might require HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy).

Absence of Iron

After any surgery including lost blood, you might need to devour additional iron. Iron lack is a surely understood purpose of male pattern baldness! Attempt to incorporate more iron-rich sustenances in your eating routine – on the off chance that you are seriously inadequate in iron, your specialist might endorse press supplements.

Thyroid Levels

A few ladies experience hypothyroidism taking after a hysterectomy. Hypothyroidism – which can bring about male pattern baldness – is a condition where your body does not sufficiently deliver thyroid hormone (you can read more about hypothyroidism here).

Examine your worry with your specialist, who can check your thyroid levels.


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