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Hair Loss Prevention Caps


Hair Loss Prevention Caps

The “Hair Loss Prevention Caps”or”DigniCap” is a creative gadget that shields hair from chemo chemicals. For the individuals who must experience chemotherapy, male pattern baldness is a troubling symptom. Not just does male pattern baldness change a patient’s physical appearance, however it likewise turns into a steady indication of the sickness they are battling.

The DigniCap is intended to avoid male pattern baldness connected with chemotherapy through the utilization of scalp-cooling innovation. The Hair Loss Prevention Caps DigniCap itself is a silicon headpiece that fits firmly around the patient’s head. The top attempts to keep the scalp cool while the patient is experiencing chemotherapy. This procedure contracts the veins and keeps lethal chemicals from coming to the scalp. Thus, the top keeps a lot of male pattern baldness.

Despite the fact that the innovation has been utilized as a part of Europe for quite a while, late FDA leeway implies that patients in the US will now have the capacity to shield hair from chemo chemicals similarly.


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