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Hair Transplant Reviews


Hair Transplant Reviews

Persistent Transformations Stories

Case #1

51 year old male with Andropecia Allopecia, Norwood Grade 5. Persistent got 2380 unions by method for computerized FUE with NeoGraft. The outcomes indicated are following six (6) months. Maximal results regularly seen twelve (12) months after strategy.


“At fifty years old, I have viewed my hair vanish throughout the previous a quarter century. My children would dependably ridicule my ‘runway’ on my frontal hairline and how old I was looking. Presently just three (3) months after my surgery, I have recaptured some of that young character I had when I was in my thirties. It is still right on time after my surgical hair rebuilding surgery with NeoGraft, and I am energized with the amount more hair I will develop.

It is an incredible feeling when individuals let me know the amount more youthful I look with my hair reestablished. What truly inspired me with the surgery was that it was so natural to do. I wear my hair short, on the off chance that I had the Strip technique I would dependably stress over individuals looking a scar on the back of my head. I anticipate having my second technique for the back of my scalp done in around a year. I can hardly wait.”

Case #2

37 year old male with Androgenic Alopecia, Norwood 4. The patient in July 2009 got 2040 unions by means of computerized FUE with NeoGraft. After one year the patient experienced a second method with NeoGraft to expand his frontal hairline thickness accepting 1050 unions utilizing the mechanized FUE procedure.



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