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Hair Treatments For Damaged Hair


Hair treatments damaged hair

Hair Treatments For Damaged Hair

Hey guys so talking of a hypothetical scenario… how do you treat and repair damaged hair? talking as in us guys with damaged hair. I have been using a hair dryer and other hairstyling tools etc… but so far i feel my hair is holding up very well as i have been following all the advice here and in the mens hair book. I would like to ask this question cos i could not see a pinpoint thread on how to repair damaged hair.

Hair Treatments Damaged Hair

Hair Treatments For Damaged Hair:For any hair type that has seen damage and needs an immediate solution using a Keratin peptide complex, Jojoba oil, Aloe extract and Bio-Mimetic Peptides to create a virtual molecular bandage on the hair surface to repair, and protect against damage and dehydration. Use as a conditioner or as a quick 5 minute treatment and feel the difference.


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