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Home Remedies for Hair loss in Women


Home Remedies for Hair Loss

  1. Avoid crash diet as that can lead to hormonal imbalance & hair loss.
  2. Licorice & banana prevent hair loss.
  3. Regular scalp massage improves blood circulation & prevents hair loss.
  4. Use of coconut oil helps to prevent hair loss & promotes hair growth.
  5. Jojoba oil is a good home remedy for hair growth..
  6. Rosemary mixed with almond oil strengthens hair.
  7. Intake of food rich in vitamins & minerals prevents hair loss.
  8. Emu oil moisturizes hair & scalp & stimulates hair growth.
  9. Saw palmetto and safflower help to improve health of hair.
  10. Meditation & aromatherapy are good remedies for depression which can cause hormonal imbalance & hair loss .

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    Home Remedies for Hair Loss


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