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HR23+ Hair Health


HR23+ Hair Health Overview

HR23+ Hair Health, where HR means Hair Restore. The formulae stops hair from falling and restores their health. Packed with natural elements, this supplement makes the hair grow healthier and faster. This is a topical serum that comes under the category of scalp treatment therapy. Both men and women suffer from hair loss, and luckily this supplement works equally well for both genders.

Hair fall has a number of causes like genetics, heredity, hormone activity, diseases and environmental factors. The formulae is a mix of 23 different vitamins and minerals. These provide the essential nourishment needed for better hair growth. By activating the hair follicles and blocking DHT production, you can get better and healthier hair.


Manufacturer Information and Claims

The name of the company is HR23+ Hair Health Company, based in the UK. They claim that their product solves your hair problems effectively. The results are permanent, and the supplement is safe to use.


How it works and Ingredient List

Some key ingredients in the formulae include grapeseed extract, green tea extract, biotin, saw palmetto and zinc. The serum also contains a growth factor called the Keratinocyte Growth polypeptide. This is essential in encouraging faster hair growth.


The Pros of HR23+ Hair Health

  • This product is a permanent treatment for hair loss.
  • DHT levels go low and stay that way.
  • Encourages hair growth, makes hair thicker and healthier.
  • Revives the dormant follicles to produce new and better hair.
  • The essential minerals and nutrients work to improve hair health.
  • It prevents hair thinning and early greying.


The Cons

  • There is no money back guarantee/offer from the company in case the product does not work.
  • Their website does not have detailed information about the product and/or the individual working of the ingredients used.


Final Verdict

HR23+ is a reliable, high quality and effective product in man’s fight against hair loss. The claim is full hair restoration and results that are permanent. The serum works by providing the essential nutrients to the hair that work together to improve hair health. It is safe to use as the ingredients are natural. There is no artificial, synthetic or harmful ingredient in the formula. When used according to the instructions, you shall receive its full benefits. It is a very rare co-incident for one to develop any allergic reaction to the formulae. If you are using any other topical medication for your head, consult a doctor before using this. The company does not offer a money back guarantee in case this doesn’t work. However there is no harm in trying since these are one of those rare supplements that offer a permanent solution.


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