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Jarrow Formulas BeautySil




Product Overview

Jarrow Formula is a supplement for hair and nail health. It is a daily dose dietary supplement that repairs hair and nail damage. The formula has essential vitamins and minerals that work to heal from the inside.


Manufacturer Information and Claims

The company name is Jarrow Formula, based in USA, California, Los Angeles. The company has a 40 year history of making various health products. When you eat the pill, it reaches your stomach, dissolves and is absorbed in the blood. Then it makes its way up to your hair follicles and nail beds. The damage starts repairing and the appearance changes.


Working Process and the Ingredients List

This product uses natural and effective ingredients that aim to give back life to your hair and nails. Some of the relevant nutrients include,


  • Silicon–This ingredient makes nails and hair stronger. And it is also good for bone calcification, blood circulation and body health.


  • Keratin– This protein is what your hair and nails are made of. Keratin is also responsible for making collagen in your body. It will encourage new keratin synthesis, making hair and nails look new. Plus it moisturizes the scalp and makes better conditions for hair to grow in.


  • Biotin– Also known as vitamin B12 is the key element in the hair health department. Biotin synthesizes and increases the production of good carbohydrates, new amino acids and helps dissolve fats faster. Most hair loss cases involve a deficiency of this vitamin. More vitamin B12 means better hair and skin.


The Advantages of Jarrow Formula Supplement


The supplement gives the following benefits when taken.

  • Strict clinical trials proved the supplement’s safety and effectiveness.
  • Makes the hair and nails strong and shiny.
  • Prevents split ends that make hair look rough and unmanageable.
  • Good for improving other functions of the body and not just hair and nails.
  • Simple to use, just eat a pill and swallow with water.
  • Natural ingredients make the supplement side effect free.


The Cons

  • There is no exact mentioning of the percentage of each ingredient used.
  • This is only available through online purchase and nowhere else.


Final Verdict

This is a dietary supplement available only through the company’s official website. It’s a daily dose supplement that you take with water to make swallowing easier. This prevents hair fall, reverses hair damage and stops hair from splitting at the ends. The nails receive equal health benefits. Jarrows Formula has gone under rigorous and strict clinical trials and tests to make sure it is effective and safe for consumption. The use of natural ingredients make this product free of side effects. This supplement aims to improve your hair and nail health and appearance. With the company’s long history of strong establishment and authentic products, we recommend you give this a try.


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