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Kerotin Hair Growth Formulae


Kerotin Supplement Overview

Natural ingredients are used to make these supplements, and many clinical trials were conducted to ensure safety in use. It claims to make hair grow thicker and stronger by targeting the hair follicles from the inside. It is ideal for women who experience hair fall for whatever reason. Regular use will ensure a quicker, healthier hair growth and the results will be obvious soon after the use begins. The brand is known to make products for women who face hair related issues.

They have a website where interested customers can make their online purchase easily. Each bottle has 60 capsules, and it costs $40. There is an ongoing promotional offer for multiple purchases, where the customer gets a 50% discount and free shipping upon purchase of at least five bottles. Shopping is also free for all purchases over $50. Best part is, there is also a 30-day money-back guarantee if at any point you decide this is not working for you.

Kerotin Hair Supplement boasts of a unique formula that uses clinically proven safe and natural ingredients. These ingredients are mainly B-vitamins, that work together to target the root cause of hair problems. And since the ingredients are natural, the chances of any side effects are close to none.

Manufacturer’s Information

The manufacturers of Kerotin claim that this supplement works by targeting the hair follicles, the goal is to encourage growth of thicker and stronger hair strands from the roots. This makes it ideal for women who experience any type of hair fall. They also said that with regular use of this product, you won’t have to waste money on expensive hair products and treatments that usually end with no benefit. Furthermore, it is claimed that this supplement is also suitable for those who experience hair fall because of an underlying systemic disease.

Working Process and the Ingredients

Kerotin consists of these three key natural ingredients, all of which have been proven by numerous studies to be very effective when it comes to hair health and hair loss reversal.


Also known as vitamin B7 is the main ingredient of Kerotin which provides the most benefits. By encouraging new protein synthesis, this B-vitamin strengthens hair strands and prevents them from falling off.

Folic Acid

Another B-vitamin that ensures optimal growth of hair, it makes the hair grow quicker and healthier.

Horsetail Extract

Nourishes the hair to make it strong, thick, and less prone to hair fall.

The Advantages of Kerotin

  • Guaranteed use of natural ingredients.
  • It encourages quicker and healthier hair growth and brings back hair in the blank patchy areas of the head.
  • It strengthens the roots and makes hair grow thicker and stronger.
  • Main target is the follicle root, from there the supplement builds new healthy hair
  • Women who suffer hair loss because of different reasons can use it too.
  • Hair that fell because of heredity or illness, come back .
  • The supplement comes at a reasonable price of $1 per capsule.
  • The company will give a big discount on a bulk order, in addition to free shipping.
  • Money back guarantee after 30 days.

 Cons of Kerotin

  • It is recommended for women only.
  • There are no mentions of any free trial offer.


Final Verdict

All things considered, Kerotin supplement are something worth trying. The ingredients are good, and the nature of work is similar to what other products offer. Another bonus is the money back guarantee, which gives a hassle-free assurance to interested customers and a margin for you to try and decide whether this will work for you or not. Kerotin consists of natural ingredients, extracted from plants. The supplement has gone under alot of trial and testing to ensure it is safe to use.



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