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Most Common Hair Loss Causes in Men


 Most Common Hair Loss Causes in Men  Most common hair loss causes in men:Nowadays hair loss is becoming most common problem, particularly, in men of all ages.  In medical terms, it is known as alopecia.  Its usually occur due to hereditary conditions.  Its impact is slow and predictable, like receding hairline, bald pattern and thinning.  Hormone levels, aging process, physical and emotional stress and some other medical diseases also cause hair loss, but above all is genetics and male pattern baldness.

  • Genetics or Hereditary conditions:

Most Common Hair Loss Causes in MenGenetics or Hereditary conditions:Hair starts losing thickness after reaching a certain amount of age.  These conditions are not related to medical disease and are not harmful to your health; it is usually linked with your age and some hormonal changes as well.  About 70% of men start showing bald pattern to some extent at reaching the age of 60.  Some men start loosing hairs in 20’s.

  • Male pattern baldness:

Most Common Hair Loss Causes in MenMale pattern baldness: This form of hair loss is also known as Androgenetic alopecia.  The male pattern baldness is, when you start losing your hair from the temples or the crown of your head, probably in M or U shape.  It can also start from a single bald spot on your head as well.

In male pattern baldness, hair loss follows a pattern of receding hairline and thinning from the top and the front of the head.

  • Hormones Effect:

Hormones Effect:

Hormones Effect: The hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) causes your hair follicles to become that small that no hair can grow in them.  The hair follicle still remain their but are unable to fulfill their task, which results in baldness.  Male sex hormone, androgens, also contributes in male pattern baldness.

  • Physical and mental stress:

Most Common Hair Loss Causes in MenPhysical and mental stress:Most of the physicians declared that stress is not only contributing in your bad health but also causes hair loss and thinning.  Extreme stress leads you towards telogen effluvium; it is the process which pushes hair root to the resting state, which stops hair follicles to produce hair.  Decrease stress from your life by using meditation, breathing exercising, yoga or some other relaxing techniques.  Having a sound sleep is also very important because growth hormone is released while sleeping.  Stay stress free to avoid loss of hair and health.

  • Pollution:

Most Common Hair Loss Causes in MenPollution:The pollution in the air (in the form of gases) and in our surroundings can also accelerate the process of hair loss.  Scalp catches dust from our environment, which is very harmful for hair follicle.  Protect your scalp by washing it on regular basis with the right shampooing to avoid unnecessary hair loss.  If you can cover your head while going out can protect your hair from sun exposure, dust and harmful environmental gasses.

  • Certain medications causes hair loss:

Most Common Hair Loss Causes in MenCertain medications causes hair loss:Medicines include retinoids, birth control pills, beta-blockers, blood thinners and certain antidepressants can provoke the procedure of hair loss.



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