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Nova Repair


Nova Repair Overview

Nova Repair is a hair growing capsule supplement that enhances hair growth. With each capsule you get the complete and essential nourishment. This product is ideal for women of all age groups and hair types. Additionally it improves your hair health and keeps them in good condition. Nova Repairs works from deep within and the results show on the outside.

With biotin as the key working ingredient in this supplement, the benefits reach out to other parts of the body too. Biotin or vitamin B7, stops hair loss, prevents thinning of hair and keeps follicles alive and working.

Manufacturer’s Information and Claims

Nova Repair supplement comes in the form of a capsule, anyone above the age of 18 is eligible to use it. Pregnant women are discouraged to use because their symptoms and conditions are not exactly same as the other causes. And most likely are temporary, so we recommend asking your doctor first. This supplement is made by the company Veeva System, a tech company based in California with a branch dedicated to pharmaceutical research and development.


Working Process and Ingredients

Natural ingredients are used to make Nova Repair. This makes it effective, safe to consume and free of side effects. As mentioned earlier, Biotin is their key ingredient because of its hair growth assisting and other properties. Some other ingredients used are

  • Selenium– Apart from being a cancer fighting agent, this mineral stops all internal factors that lead to hair follicle death and hair loss.


  • Vitamin A– Added to keep the outer skin healthy. This vitamin is essential for all types of cells synthesis. New cells mean new keratin and eventually new and better hair strands.


  • Vitamin E– Rich in omega-3-fatty acids and it has anti-inflammatory properties. Repairs damaged hair follicles, prevents dryness and itchiness of the scalp.


The Advantages of Nova Repair

  • Makes hair grow faster, biotin works with the other ingredients to deliver a nutrient rich treatment to ensure hair health improves.
  • Each individual hair strand regains its strength, becomes shiny and strong. Hair volume increases too.
  • Like hair, nails too receive treatment and they look more shiny and healthy.
  • With fast showing results, this formula aims to get you the desired effects in 3 months, with regular use.
  • All damages reverse and heal all the way down to the cellular level.
  • No side effects have been reported because only natural ingredients are used in the formula.


The Cons

  • The company did not publish a complete and detailed ingredient list.


Final Verdict

Medical experts suggest taking proper and balanced portions of nutrients and minerals so you can maintain healthy hair. This may seem difficult as not everyone can afford to have all types of essential nutrition. But fear not as the Opertesa Health Care Company has stepped forward and provided an all in one solution. Nova Repair is high quality, trustworthy, and a proven successful hair care treatment. Packed with the essential minerals and natural goodness, this product will help with issues like hair fall, thinning, damage and weakness. Regular use for up to 3 months can and will show signs of improvement and recovery.




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