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Step by step instructions to Dye Hair


Step by step instructions to Dye Hair- Dye Your Hair at Home

Step by step instructions to Dye Hair- Dye Your Hair at Home

This article will indicate you to color your hair with one such cure, Kool-Aid drink blend powder. The shading will last two or three days and your hair won’t get harmed by brutal chemicals even utilized as a part of brief colors!

Preventing skin stains

Put on gloves to forestall recoloring. On the off chance that you would prefer not to wear gloves, know that your skin may recolor, yet you can even now expel the Kool-Aid from it.

Wrap the individual whose hair you’re coloring in towel(s) (or a refuse pack with a clasp to keep it set up) to maintain a strategic distance from stains. Keep in mind that Kool-Aid can recolor texture, so utilize an old towel or fabric.

Setting up the Kool Aid colors

Add the Kool-Aid bundles to a little bowl. Make sure to utilize the unsweetened rendition, to abstain from making sticky hair. In addition, don’t utilize the falsely sweetened kind, as the chemicals may disturb your eyes. You may need to utilize a bigger number of bundles than prescribed here, contingent upon the length of your hair, and how profound you need the shading. Recommendations for appropriate Kool-Aid coordinated to a hair shade change are:

  • Tropical punch is awesome for a brighter red
  • Cherry works for a more profound red
  • Dark cherry blended with strawberry works for a brilliant red
  • Blending strawberry and grape can make a purplish red
  • Try different things with varieties of your most loved Kool-Aid hues to get more one of a kind hues

Include a couple drops of conditioner and some high temp water to help the shading from the Kool-Aid penetrate the hair all the more equally. Adding conditioner makes a glue, which is less demanding to deal with.

Blend the 3-6 bundles of Kool-Aid, the water, and the conditioner together, until the fixings frame a smooth glue. Continue blending out every one of the protuberances and liquidy territories.


Coloring the greater part of your hair

Work the Kool-Aid glue into the hair, beginning close to the roots. This is the fun part yet you unquestionably require help for this in case you’re coloring your own hair.

  • Keep including the Kool-Aid glue down the center of the hair.
  • Work the Kool-Aid glue into the tips. The majority of your hair must be extremely soggy and sticky, generally the powder will simply wash out, without shading your hair.
  • Set up segments of hair to guarantee that you shading the lower layers of hair as well.
  • Wrap the hair in a few long pieces of sandwich wrap or, put on a shower top. You’ll need to rest in it, so make a decent showing with regards to! This progression is critical not simply to ensure your pads and sheets, but rather on the grounds that it will trap the dampness in, taking into account a more profound shading change. It would be a smart thought to wrap your cushion in an old towel on the off chance that the sandwich wrap moves around while dozing.
  • You can secure the plastic wrap deliberately with tape.

Following a decent night’s rest, evacuate the plastic wrap. Try not to be frightened by the grisly hues on your skin––everything washes off! Perceive How to expel Kool-Aid from skin in the event that you have skin stains.

Altogether flush your hair with tepid water. Try not to cleanser! On the off chance that you utilize cleanser, the shading will wash straight out. Apply conditioner if wished, then wash once more. At that point look over your hair out and sit tight for it to dry. The last tint will be more subtle with wet hair.

Shake your new Kool-Aid shaded hair! Darker hair will change the tints of the hair shading, yet lighter hair can be drastically changed! You may need to try different things with this a couple times to get the adjust appropriate for your hair shading –– simply recollect that the darker your characteristic hair, the more subtle the impacts will be.


Marking your hair

In case you’re doing tips or highlights, utilize a highlighting wand and wrap the colored segments in aluminum thwart.

Finish the entire head (or the same number of highlights as you need) with thwart wrapping, and after that stick them up. Guarantee that the thwart does not fall off.

Take after the above directions in wrapping your hair in clear wrap for a whole night, and flush as clarified over the following day. Keep in mind, this is not a perpetual hair color.


Tips and ends only


  • In a pot, heat up some water (around 2-5 containers).
  • When you are done plunge coloring your hair, flush out with chilly water. Try not to wash with cleanser. On the off chance that the shading does not appear with your wet hair, don’t stress. The shading is not as obvious with wet hair than dry hair. In the wake of washing your hair, blow dry it until dry.
  • Give it a chance to cool. At that point find a comfortable place to sit, sit back, and dunk your hair closes in, let them sit in for various timings relying upon how sensational you need the shading, how dull your hair is, and to what extent you need it to remain in.
  • Convey the water to bubble. Expel from the warmth and let it cool to room temperature.
  • Include parcels of Kool-Aid your preferred shade to water (contingent upon the shade you need).
  • After the water has achieved breaking point, empty it into a warmth verification bowl. Sit tight 3-5 minutes for it to chill. Include the unsweetened Kool Aid bundles (two parcels for blondes, three for brunettes). Blend it in.
  • Part your hair in two areas. Put one segment on each shoulder.
  • Plunge the closures of your hair into the bowl. Give it a chance to sit for 15-30 minutes, contingent upon how solid you need the shading and to what extent you need it to last. Have a magazine or book to peruse while you’re weakened over the bowl! (Or, on the other hand tune in to music, a podcast or a book recording.
  • In the wake of giving your hair a chance to sit in the bowl, take a towel and dry it a bit. At that point wash your hair with icy water and (conditioner is discretionary) You will see some Kool Aid begin to trickle off while washing yet this is typical.

Dry your hair. You’re presently prepared to shake the new color!


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