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Use Onion Juice in 3 Ways to Regrow Hair


Onion JuiceEver felt as though your brush has greater hair than your scalp does? It could be disheartening to address hair loss, and spot your tresses thinning over time. There might be a gazillion merchandise available that promise to restore your locks to their former glory, however do they definitely stay up to their claims?

In case you are looking for a surefire way to achieve hair increase, there may be one ingredient that has lain unconsidered and neglected – the common-or-garden onion. Cheaper and with no trouble to be had, onions can be the stop to all of your hair woes. 3 different ways are written below to use onion juice for the maximum hair growth results. Have a look….

  1. Onion Juice Scalp-Soaking solution

What you want

1 big onion

Grater/ Blender


The way to Use

Wash the onion very well and peel off the outer layers.

Chop the onion into smaller pieces and toss into a blender. If you are the usage of a grater, use the finest side to grate the onion.

Vicinity the pulp in a strainer and squeeze out as lots juice as viable.

Rubdown the juice into your hair, concentrating on the roots and the scalp.

Hold it on for 30-45 mins and wash with shampoo.

When to apply  

This remedy must be used a couple of times per week.

  1. Onion Juice And Coconut Oil

What you need

1 tablespoon onion juice

2 tablespoons coconut oil

a few drops of an critical oil of your preference (non-obligatory)

The way to Use

mix the onion juice with the coconut oil.

Upload the vital oil to the concoction. This step is optional however important oils help masks the robust smell of the onion.

Massage the combination into the scalp and keep for 1 to two hours.

Rinse the % off using shampoo and heat water.

When to use

This mask need to not be used greater than once per week.

  1. Onion And Olive Oil Hair mask


1 small onion

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 cup beer

How to Use

Chop the onion into smaller portions and mix the usage of a blender. Rather, you could use the pulp leftover from making onion juice.

Upload the beer and the olive oil to the pulp to make a paste.

Follow to the hair and keep in on for 1 to two hours.

Rinse thoroughly and shampoo.

When to apply

This percent need to be used once every week.


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