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Want to know a trick on how to look young again


From the beginning of time, human beings have walked on an Earth of a perfect, disease and pollution free environment. Over the years we have learned and evolved, gaining new traits, skills and knowledge, But! With that constant evolution we have lost an equal amount of assets. One of those is our hair.

YES! Our hair, and we are not doing a thing about it.

Philip Kingsley clearly says.


“Sadly, a third of those
suffering from hair thinning said that
they have done nothing to
address the problem”

                                                                                             Philip Kingsley, trichologist


We need to take a step, it’s now or never. Unfortunately, many of us want to take that step, but never really know how to take it. That’s where we come in.

Let’s make it. We’ll show you the way, and all you have to do, is “follow it”.


First of all things,


Almost everyone suffering from hair loss, thinning hair, damaged hair, dry hair, weak hair, etc. all have one thing in common. Their bodies have developed a deficiency of a very essential vitamin, called “Biotin”.

Recent studies from “American Academy of Dermatology” have shown that forty percent of “women” suffer from hair loss before they even reach the age of forty.



Check the link below:


Let me tell you, this is not only beneficial to the hair, but! This little puzzle-piece “CAN” and “WILL” increase more than just your looks. It is bound to improve your lifestyle as well.

Well, Let us go over the basics.


You may be wondering.



What is that?


If you are one of those people who like to have the A to Z information about what the other is talking to you about. Given below is a link which will guide you through the ABC’s of this hair revitalizing ingredient, what it is, and how you can benefit from it.

If you’re the type of person who is straight forward and likes to cut to the chase. Leave the link given below.

The Perfect Guidebook on Biotin

Now that you know what it is.

Let me explain why it would be good to not only intake, but to externally use this B-Complex vitamin as well.


There are many ways we can topically/externally use this vitamin. Such as:

  • Shampoos
  • Conditioners
  • Moisturizing agents (oils, lotions, etc.)
  • Self-grooming aids


Formerly known as Vitamin H, it is not only linked to your hair, but also to other equally important aspects of a healthy body as well, a few being, your skin nails and skin. Every form of biotin you consume will be distributed throughout your body, not just your hair. Whether it be food, supplement, etc. So, external use of biotin will specifically target your hair, vitalizing your scalp and providing with the perfect atmosphere to promote healthy hair growth.


Now, I am going to tell you how you can benefit from external use of this magical potion on your hair.


A short and simple answer to does Biotin make your hair grow.


No, it does not. BUT! This little tip I’ve put in below DOES.



Biotin is actually known to strengthen your “hair follicles”. It does not increase the rate of production or growth of hair.


Hair follicles act as a type of anchor which holds the hair in place, as well as is responsible in making the hair. Sometimes the hair is damaged within the follicle before it can even reach the surface. This occurs when the naturally secreted oil from our scalp called “Sebum” combines with the dust and smoke particles in our polluted environment which causes the hair follicle to clog.


So, it can prevent you from ever reaching the stage of hair-fall in the first place.


This is where Regenepure has to offer NOT ONLY ONE.


BUT, 3 different methods of

Rejuvenating, Restoring and Repairing

Those methods are Regenepure’s very own:

  • DR shampoo
  • NT shampoo
  • Intense Biotin conditioner


I know, some of you make be disheartened of the fact that Biotin does not make your hair grow faster or stronger or even regrow your hair.


However, if you are already suffering from hair-loss.




There is a way to regrow your hair if you’re already at the stage of hair loss or going through it.

And the way is “Regenepure’s Precision Minoxidil Spray “.


For more on Regenepure’s Precision Minoxidil Spray click the link below for more information.                 For Men   For Women


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